Not the universal shopping mall experience.

I taught science and math at the American School in Montevideo, Uruguay when it was located in Punta Carretas.  A few blocks up the street was a prison where a number of Tupamaro rebels were incarcerated.  I went by this prison every day.

Thirty years later, I was working in Frankfurt.  One night when I could not sleep, I got sucked into a film documentary on German television about Uruguay in the 70s.  There were interviews with some of those who had been imprisoned and with other leaders who now were representatives in the legislature.  With one fellow, the cameras went down to a modern shopping mall in Punta Carretas.  It was built on the site of the prison.  The fellow (looking back at the film Tupamaros now, was Mojica who became president) describes where he had been held in a cell and pointed out where interrogations and torture occurred in relation to the existing shopping mall structure.  I was glued to the TV; such an amazing tale of survival and coincidence.


(Updated, 23 Nov 2014, Sofia, Bulgaria)


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