Alberto Paganini

Writing the first article of I fixed it myself, really got me thinking about a number of my silly home projects that are so satisfying to complete.  The last few days I wanted to go back to memories.  Here is one I have not revisited for a long time.  When I lived in South America, I lived a few months in an apartment where the author, Alberto Paganini, Calles que dan al Mar, had lived with his mother.  His life and relationships seem to have been complex and probably ruled by depression.  Online searches for a good biography are not successful.  From what I remember overhearing was that he was an up-and-coming literary star who had an overbearing mother.  In the end, the demons within won out, and he ended his life by slitting his wrists in his room; the same place that I stayed  Although I don’t hold much stock in the supernatural, the vivid image of him blood spattered and seated, calling in a weak voice one last time to his mother is a haunting memory.   I frequently felt a presence in that apartment.  Over the years, I have said a prayer for him, and for everyone who struggles with these problems.


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