From Pamplona to the Polar Plunge

Next Saturday, 5 Feb 2011, I will support the Special Olympics by jumping into the icy waters of Lake Calhoun as part of the Polar Bear Plunge fundraiser.  There has been a great support from my colleagues at work for this activity.  In the banter back and forth, we were comparing notes on what parents allow and don’t allow.  I do not remember anything that mine really prohibited.  Then, I remembered one time.  I had been working in Pau, France and drove down to Spain for the weekend, staying in Zaragoza.  This must have been 1981 or 1982 in the fall.  The city gets its name from a contraction of Cesar Augusta, the Roman emperor, and lies just south of Pamplona.  In my travel letter of that month I mentioned I missed my chance again to run with the bulls in July.  I arrived home for Thanksgiving.  It was great seeing my parents after being on the road for most of the year.  Sometime around Saturday evening my mother brought up the letter I had sent from Spain.  In no uncertain terms was I ever to visit Pamplona during the San Fermin festival.  That was not open to negotiation.  As it turned out, I never was remotely close.

So, this weekend, they will chop a hole in the ice and a few hundred people will make the plunge for charity.  I will be wearing a bowtie if you see a news report.  With a contribution I made in honor of Mother and some matches by my employer, I attained my goal of $1000.  Part of my reason for doing this is to laugh at Winter.  I have felt so cold this year, I just need something to shake me up.  I hope this experience helps.  I don’t know what to expect.  Temperatures are predicted for mid 20’s Fahrenheit.  the water will at least be 36 degrees.  It is also an experience for me to team up with a different group at work.  Our motto is: All of US freezing for you!


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