Nostalgia Trip part 1

I wrote this on a flight from Minneapolis to Tokyo on my way to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur the first week of May 2011.

On my way to Japan and Singapore.  It has been a few years, and I feel as lonely as I felt those Sunday nights talking to Kristy from a Shibuya pay phone in Tokyo.  I made my rounds of MSP airport for old times sake but there was nothing to buy.  Even the healthy food is to heavy with mayonnaise or salt or starches.  I have almost finished my personal trail mix of apricots, prunes, raisins, sunflower seeds, and mixed unsalted nuts.  It tasted so good just sitting there waiting.

I am glad I am flying on Delta.  They don’t charge for every little thing.  Since they allow one checked bag for free, passengers are not carrying on these humungous, heavy bags.  Well, all but one.  The woman across the aisle must have had bricks in hers.  It was like 40 or 50 pounds.  Back straining if not leveraged right; not so young anymore.  The flight was about 90% full but an empty middle seat separated me from the passenger going to Korea.  Just enough to spread out.  And Delta is liberal with the aisle service.  I think I will have a ginger ale this time.

I have to be careful with my memory stick with Knoppix and liquids.  I turned down the brightness to save battery.  Now I am back after a couple of movies and few more hours to go.  Well I hope to see the  King’s speech on this leg.  Probably, I will get a reprise on the way to Singapore too.  Of course, just now, we have the feature presentation.  Oh oh it looks like Harrry Potter is on the rise.  Its the Deathly Hallows.  Well, this might give some of the youngsters a few bad dreams.  This one was not indicated in the in-flight magazine, must be from last month.

Well let me say here in this world of toys, and there are toys and toys.  Families do not bring toys for their young children to play with on the plane, or at parties, or at get togethers.  Yet, their parents bring all their toys, ipod touches, cell phones with them.  I must always salute my wife who always brought something for Megan to play with.  One time it was a pla-doh.  She kept entertained with that for a 13 hour flight from Kuala Lumpur to Frankfurt.  Sure, we maybe lost a few beads from jewelry sets, or a few toys along the way.  It was worth it.  Our fellow travelers were surprised to find a small toddler getting off the plane with them.  Yet all the credit goes to Kristy.  Yes, this is a nostalgia trip.


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