Round the World

I found copies of two airline tickets I used to travel around the world sometime 1984 and 1986.  For the moment I was reliving instants during those trips.  Looking at souvenirs in Singapore thinking why did I need a wooden elephant when there were rows and rows of them.  Experiencing airline security in Sri Lanka – on entering airport, on entering departure lounge, and a pat down in the tail of the Pakistan Airlines plane.  Waiting for a hotel van to pick me up at Oahu airport at 8:00 am dressed in a three piece suit.  My first trip to Hawaii.

via sri lanka

Twenty Five Years ago walking along the waterfront at night and feeling the evening breeze off the water like a door opened on an oven baking bread.  It was hot.  Jumping into a car sitting all afternoon in the sun, like 50 deg centigrade inside.  Whew that was something.

Round the World - Frankfurt Kuwait Bangkok Japan


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