I fixed it myself – 2

Long ago I purchased a cumulus laptop – 386 , 60 M disk, 4 Mb ram.  I still have it and here it is on the right.  The screen hinge cracked so I patched it with some duct tape and constructed a frame from Knex to hold it in place.  To view the screen better, I have used the Knex to hold a frésnel lens in place.  It runs Windows 3 with MS Works, AOL, dialup TCP, Linux (mini linux pre-Slakware), PCTools, ProComm+, UUPC mail.  I created a video showing all these features.

First Laptop - 1992

First Laptop - 1992

Here I have brought up Linux and connected using ftp via a serial crossover cable to a Pentium 2 Ubuntu server, located below the power supply on the left. Telnet works, too.  From Ubuntu, I can ssh to the main development server upstairs running Debian.

The Pentium is monitored by an Acer notebook on the left using Knoppix with remote console.

I have documented how this works here so that I can recycle it with no regrets.  Probably Megan and I will strip it into plastic, circuit boards, metals, and junk for FreeGeek TwinCities.  It is too old.  I never use it anymore, but it has memories of some pretty amazing things I did with it. When I was working in Japan, I could send faxes created from Windows Paint files and MS Works to Kristy in Malaysia.  Another time, while waiting in the Northwest business lounge in Minneapolis, I created a memo about my arrival schedule for NCR Malaysia.  Changing planes in Seattle, I printed the memo and had the Northwest business lounge fax it for me. Leong was waiting for me at the Subang airport in Kuala Lumpur when I arrived two days later.

Additionally, this photo shows a few other things.  There are a couple of Apple computers underneath the workbench.  One is an original Apple II, no other letters.


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