Busy August-September

After “I fixed it myself – 2”, I continued to play with my mini-networking laboratory and did not write much on weblogs.  Along with that there has been a lot going on.  My thyroid has finally found its stride.  On checking my levels, I mentioned to my doctor about a little anomaly.  So, through the gauntlet of tests.  I now know what a mammogram is like.

The US Bank Technology picnic took place the same day Daughter was competing at the Minnesota State Fair with the robotics first team 1816, the Green Machine.  I put my bicycle on the back of the Hyundai and parked at the Como Park picnic site at 8:30.  Then I bicycled over to the State Fair with its excellent bike lots.  While the team prepared and competed, I checked some of the education booths.  Afterward, Daughter and I saw some exhibits that made us laugh and took a couple rides, one which really thrilled us.  Then, I went back to the picnic and returned later to see the completion of the team activity.  Then, I picked Daughter up and had one last round of food at the picnic.

The Friday before Labor Day, I had a couple of biopsies.  The day after Labor Day, Daughter began her sophomore year in High School.  She has a full schedule but really enjoys the challenges and her friends.  She is also pretty excited about the different activities: Team Robotics, Latin Club, Anime Club.

That brings us up to last Thursday when I had a cancer operation to remove a couple lumps in my chest.  Friday, we all went to the Minnesota Orchestra sampler concert.  Saturday, Daughter and I laughed for three hours at the Cinematic Titanic stand-up comedy and B-movie screening.  So for now, it is dealing with an occasional stab of pain and waiting to see what the final tests show to determine what the next course of recovery will be.  I can tell you, I am not so motivated about work right now.

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