Pueblo Ansina

The other night I smelled dulce de membrillo and was tranposed to another time and place, Pueblo Ansina .  Back in 1972 I visited this little village with Steve Kozlow.  We stayed at the only hotel.  It was very modest to say the least, but it had a typical restaurant.  We had the standard lunch.  The dessert was dulce de membrillo (thick quince jam) and queso (cheese) served with a single butter knife.  The village is really spread out with each block house on its own lot.  For me, I remember the power generator functioned only until 1 am or so.  After that all the street lamps and lights went out.  It was interesting navigating an unfamiliar hotel in pitch black.  In contast, the stars shown so brightly over the “campo.”   The scene I was immersed in was that of afternoon heat followed by an evening when voices and the sounds of chirping insects traveled throughout the village.  Time to drink a little yerba mate.


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