Kimchi and Civilization

We followed The Kimchi Chronicles with Marja Vongerichten on public television.  There is a cookbook by her also.  This reminded me of a thread of civilization that I discovered years ago.  It began in Paris.  I wanted a very typical French meal and was invited to a restaurant that served Alsatian style.  It was pork and sauerkraut.  Being of German extraction this did not seem to be really French.  The explanation was that these dishes were not typical of Paris, but came from the east of France.  Later, when I was working in Belfort in the Alsace (“Three months of the year it rains, the rest of the time there is bad weather.”) of France, I had a typical meal there of choucroute.  My hosts confided that the pork and sauerkraut was more typical of Germany.  In Frankfurt, I enjoyed this meal many times, sometimes haxe pork knuckle.  A Polish friend explained that although popular in Germany, the origin was really Poland and Eastern Europe.  So it goes, each country to the East enjoys the pickled cabbage with various pork meat and sausages, but confirms the origin is farther east.  Finally, I traveled to Seoul, Korea and had grilled pork and kimchi (spicy pickled cabbage).  It was wonderful and no one confessed that it originated farther east.  Kimchi (and maybe the rest of civilization) began in Korea.


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  1. Good observation!

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