I unfixed it myself redux

Laptop for traveling for Dubra & Associates

I took three laptops to the recycler yesterday.  Finally, I could let go.  The last one was a Compaq Armada pentium 1, that also could just do everything.  This picture shows:

  • External CD/Harddisk I could connect using the Parallel port.
  • Network card dongle and Avaya wireless card
  • Connected to AOL, Opera, PCplus to a cisco router

One of the final tests was to see if I could get Linux up.  I finally found one that would work: Basic Linux 3.5 using the 2.2.26 kernel.  I got it loaded, but internet communication was going to take a lot of work to recognize the network card.  This weekend I prepped a Dell Inspiron with WinXP and Ubuntu.  It has all the facility and access.  All I needed to do is download the latest updates.


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One Response to I unfixed it myself redux

  1. c_in_b says:

    Not as good as the previous comment, but i will try to repost as close as possible. Feeling much lighter now, Soar high, Chart your direction and the world is your oyster. thanks your supportive wife for helping you see the light even though you are mostly down the basement . my eyes are closing on me. Good night. .

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