MAF, Multiple Access Facility

When I came back from South America in 1976, I finally found work at Comten, a small computer company with remote networking products. This was in the day of 300 baud acoustic modem connected to a telephone. The first development project I worked on was called, MAF, Multiple Access Facility, that allowed dedicated IBM CRT terminals access to different Mainframe applications (to anyone not working in this area, the above probably sounds like Greek). Regardless, it was a really useful program and helped sell a lot of Comten front-end processors.

Friday, the wife found a memo about MAF in an old folder in my filing cabinet. There was also some microfiche (slides that contained images of the program listing and compilation). I took a picture and posted on the NCR Comten facebook group. This artifact reminded a number of people about their experiences selling and supporting this product. It is my best post so far for the number of comments.

Seeing the memo and remembering how written notes helped figure out the code on the microfiche brought back many memories of late night testing in many different countries. Those “eureka” moments when suddenly the cause of the problem is suddenly obvious.

It was the development and later support of this product that really prepared me and also equiped me with some tools to be successful when I had the good fortune to work around the globe in international support.


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