Coins (Not Money)

We are simplifying so one of the things I needed to decide on was the two piggy-banks of coins I have collected over the years of traveling. I extracted some of the valuable ones (gold dollars from the 1800s) but the rest into the plastic bag. I hope a coin collecting club can take them. Here are the ones I have saved for now.
A 20 pence coin from Great Britain – Seven sided, a shape not found in nature.
10 kyat (I think) from Burma (before it was Myanmar), not round but like a flower with eight petals.
1/2 Swiss Fr – Good for phone calls and restrooms.
3 US quarters commemorating Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and North Mariana Islands
10 cents from Bahrain maybe, 12 petal coin instead of round.
1 € and 1 cent with German motif for the time we lived on Feuerbachstr in Frankfurt aM.
1 Krona from Iceland for the two trips we spent there, each near a solstice.
5 Kopek from USSR, the token for the subway that took me from the train station to Red Square and the Intourist Hotel after traveling across Siberia and Russia on the transiberian railway.
5 cents from Aruba, a square coin.
5 yen and a 50 yen piece from Japan, both with holes in the center. Its good luck as in Japanese, “Go-En” also means something like may God will it, or be pleased with it.
20 cents from Hong Kong, another gear like coin with 12 notches.



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