Wifi in her pocket

One exciting aspect of this trip is trying out new technology options. M has wifi in her pocket from TEP Wireless with a wireless hub that allows up to 5 wifi connections. With a couple of discounts and renting for her time in Cambridge came to around U$S 4 per day. It is reasonable fast at 3G but drops to 2G inside the hotel by the airport. She has found it works very well with text apps, blog reading, skype messages, and some facebook.

I have a SIM card from Keep Go for my Ipad. The plan was I would be connected and I would tether K. It is basically a roaming service and once it was installed it did not allow tethering. On the other hand, my Ipad maps are super for getting around the city and following where the buses are going in real time. We have never been lost. I am not familiar with all the different types of SIM cards, so it was a little guessing on making the proper order. Also there was no way to check it out until arrival in the UK. With great relief my Ipad connected while we were waiting to exit the plane at Heathrow.

I will post more on this with some pictures and more reports as we check in with M.


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  1. c_in_b says:

    Has it been a month already? So the SIM card in the iPad 3 worked fine. It was very useful for finding our way around Paris, Riga, Sigulda, Vilnius, Trakai, Daugavilpils, Parnu, Tallinn, Tartu, and Helsinki. I was able to follow our progress on buses and trains between cities and local transport in cities on Maps and Google Maps taking most of the fear out of taking public transport. The only thing I had to watch out for was overrunning my 50 MByte daily limit. At that point, I lost international roaming. After opening an incident with KeepGo, I discovered they have some issues monitoring data use and alerting the user. As a work around, I cleared my cellular usage daily so I could keep track (Settings->General->Usage->Cellular Usage). After limiting picture uploads to facebook from the exact location using wireless, my usage stayed between 10 MB and 20 MB. Crossing borders usually worked without a hitch. Sometimes though, after switching wifi providers and wireless carriers, the SIM card seemed to hang up on roaming. This was resolved by iPad power off/on cycling.

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