St. Denis

I have been to Paris many times, and Sacre Coeur at least five. Each visit to Sacre Coeur has been unique. One time I stopped by on my way from Bahrain (just after Iraq invaded Kuwait). Another time we trekked up with M and a stroller (pram). My parents had a painting that someone had purchased in Montmartre showing the little place with the Basilica spire behind. I took a picture of the exact same scene one time to show the updated environs.

On one of my adventures, I was walking in the back streets and came across a little park with a fountain. Overlooking the fountain, a statue of St. Denis held his decapitated head. I have walked around the Montmartre looking for the little park several times. Today, with a few hours before heading out to Charles de Gaul Airport, K and I explored back and forth as I tried to find the fountain again.


This is what we found, but I don’t remember the statue like this. I thought the head was held lower and the eyes were looking up. So it is a question of perception and time. Did my mind elaborate to make a more interesting story for the fountain or is this a different fountain from the one I went to. I suspect my mind invented a better story. Some things seem to come back to me such as a children’s park on the side just like this fountain had.

As I reflect on these many journeys, I will add some updates. Santé.

Author: c_in_b

The journey of a single step begins with ideas of a thousand miles.

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