A Linux / Citrix / Win7 afternoon hung up with Ctrl-Alt-Del

A dog day afternoon, hot and humid and computer maintenance.  I connected in to my office using Citrix virtual PC under Linux.  I stepped away for awhile and the security setup locked the Windows 7 welcome screen.  I tried all my tricks using Ctrl-F2 and Super keys.  Finally, I discovered a virtual keyboard can be displayed from the welcome screen.  Using that keyboard, I was able to enter the Ctrl-Alt-Del sequence and then my password.  Back in business for another day.

I clicked on the ease of access button at the bottom left, checked the Type without keyboard box, then waited patiently.  After a minute, the virtual keyboard on the right appeared, and I proceeded to mouse-click the Ctrl button, Alt button, and then the Del button revealing the password screen.  Back in business after entering my password.  Since I searched the internet forums in vain for this answer, I will add one more post about Citrix running under Linux.



Author: c_in_b

The journey of a single step begins with ideas of a thousand miles.

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