Apartment sans chat

Empty but for a cat

A wheel of life rolls on.  We are packing up and going on the road.  A chance for a new adventure for us and our cat, Marissa.  Usually visiting the vet is a traumatic experience for her with lots of meowing and anxious stares.  Today, on arriving at the adoption residence, she stopped howling, calmed down to eat a few treats, and then curled up to sleep in her travel carrier.  Very calm with the vet, who found her in good health.

Our apartment is now reduced to the essentials that can be discarded in the garbage containers or dropped off at the Salvation Army on the way to the Airport.  I served cake and cookies at a work get together for my retirement.

A lot of unbelievable memories over the last year, and over the last forty-two years of traveling and computer networking support.  I can hardly believe our daughter enters Franklin University Switzerland as a sophomore.  How did my daughter get all the applications completed and early graduation from high school along with being a full time student at Hamline University?  In twenty years of marriage, how did we do so much and follow so many paths?  I sit in awe.

Author: c_in_b

The journey of a single step begins with ideas of a thousand miles.

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