C_in_B (origins)

My brother used the handle “M_of_U” (Master of Universe).  In contrast to what I was feeling as I worked on my Masters degree (2004-2008), I chose C_in_B (Chained in Basement).  My avatar for much of my network presence comes from that time, dark holding a cup with my beloved Uruguayan mate (pronounced with two syllables: mah-teh).

featured on  wired cover 13 june 2007, scanned for facebook on 13 june 2009
I and 4999 others.

This issue of wired appeared in my mailbox in July 2007.  A few months earlier I had seen an offer to send in my picture for an article in the July issue.  I goofed up my email address and did not get the confirmation that I was chosen.  It was pretty surprising to everyone when the issue arrived.  There were 5000 subscribers who received specialized issues showing how future magazines could be individually crafted.

Of course, my thesis for my Masters examined the networked self so as an analogy for the printed work, I am holding my favorite abacas. 

Once I think of better associations for C and B, I will post them in the comments.  Cheers in Belfries.

Author: c_in_b

The journey of a single step begins with ideas of a thousand miles.

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