Getting Things Done – Redux

The redux in the title refers the resurgence of times past.  Last Tuesday, we caught the early train out of Trieste for Milano.  This is both a trial run for next week to Lugano and a visit to the Swiss Consulate.  As the light shown over the bay, I thought back to the younger days catching early trains, spending hours watching the scenery pass like an endless film.

There was the excitement of being on the road and the intensity of a schedule to meet.  The consulate hours are from 10:00 to noon.  We arrived after almost five hours, but less than ten minutes late.  With a brisk walk, we arrived with 30 minutes to spare.

As common with bureaucracy, another form was required and another photograph.  The staff allowed us to complete the form and return at 14:00 with the photo.  Lucky we scheduled the whole afternoon for this activity.

A ten minute walk to the Metropolitan station (all those M’s on google maps are not MacDonalds) brought us to a self service photo id kiosk.  Five Euros later we had eight photos and 90 minutes for lunch.  Outside the station we found a Subway.  I thought, “No, I don’t want American fast food sandwiches.”  What a surprise, il restaurante Subway, is a typical business lunch spot.  Wife had pizza.  Daughter and I had Milanesas (what else is there in Milan), a breaded veal cutlet.  As we ate, we noticed staff from the consulate also came there to eat.  This atmosphere of the colleagues going for lunch everyday reflected my experience from thirty years before.

Radio Monte Carlo
RMC Studios

Then, looking over at the table next to us, I noticed lanyards with RMC.  Looking carefully but trying not to stare, I observed that these youngsters were staff from Radio Monte Carlo.  Last winter when Daughter knew she was going to Lugano, I would frequently tune my iPad internet radio to Radio Monte Carlo for their mix of contemporary English and Italian music.  After lunch, we relaxed at the fountain in front of the station.

Before boarding the train back, we found the best bistro in Milano Centrale station.  Next week we are going back.  With everything complete we were home around 22:00.  Just like the old days. 

Author: c_in_b

The journey of a single step begins with ideas of a thousand miles.

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