Two Weeks in Trieste

It is now just over two weeks since we arrived in the Stazione Centrale on the first warm day of the season.  It appears the real summer weather began on our arrival.  The last few days saw thunderstorms and the hot humid air changing to brisk sea breezes.  We are learning more about the city through walks and taking care of the day to day chores.

Trieste looking north towards Dolomites with Castle Miramare (white spot on right)
Trieste looking north towards Dolomites with Castle Miramare (white spot on right)


Here are yachts reflected in the bay after the Saturday rains.  It has not been all walks and vistas either.


Streets down to the bay
Streets down to the bay
Recharging razor batteries
Recharging razor batteries





My initial impression was that Trieste was quite flat.  From our central location, we get plenty of aerobic exercise.  Definitely better to head out in the morning during the hot days.

There have been technical adventures too.  My solar energy interest continues and I am staying clean shaven.  No more mustache with freshly charged batteries.  Our kitchen only gets sun from nine to ten.


Beyond this, the PC crashed in windows requiring a complete rebuild from the recovery partition.  The worry about choosing the wrong option and losing everything raises the anxiety level.  Over three days, I re-installed apps and verified the recovery.  It looks like nothing was lost.  Nearly everything exists in some form in some network cloud somewhere.  It was nice to not have to recreate from those sources.  Connectivity like the sun is a bit limited by our interior location.

The websites I have found the most useful are those for transportation:

Trieste Buses

Italian Railroads

Switching between the Italian and English pages helps with my vocabulary building.

Ciao amici.

Author: c_in_b

The journey of a single step begins with ideas of a thousand miles.

2 thoughts on “Two Weeks in Trieste”

  1. All I can say is thank you for sharing your journey! I would not be very good at rebuilding computers! And I speak only a few words of Norwegian! However I can smile a lot and embrace new cultures and love meeting new people.

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