Day trip to Koper, Slovenia

This excursion reminded me of changes. The last time I was in Slovenia it was part of Yugoslavia, a million dinar were worth about five dollars. We purchased our tickets for the Trieste – Koper bus yesterday. This morning we boarded and headed south passing some of the same streets as we took to Muggia. After 45 minutes, the bus stopped and everyone got off. Looking around, we seemed to be in the middle of warehouses. With locally provided wi-fi, we discovered that the bus terminal and the train station (A on the map) were at the outskirts. On buying our return tickets to Trieste, we could purchase local bus tickets. Waiting around for something that looked local, we saw a typical city bus pull in. Luckily, it was the terminal stop for the #2 bus so we were able to rush across the lot and board. The bus followed the blue line. We descended at B and followed the green line up to the cathedral and main square at C. Continuing from there we looked for the market. Maps and “In your pocket” guides are not exactly up to date with these smaller cities.


Following the coast around we viewed the harbor, the yachting area, watched sailing school lessons from the pier, and went to lunch at D. Then an ice cream cone and back up the hill for Coffee and wifi at E.

Times have changed, taking a local bus in the past was really an exciting challenge. Now, with a roaming data plan, I could see right where the best stop for exiting. I am struck at my dependency. I used up my roaming quota and had to follow my nose. Luckily, tourist information still has free maps for the city.

The cool breeze on this cloudy day reminds one of change in seasons. Political and technological winds are in the air, once the magic is in the air, we can only move on, no way to go back. Maybe it is the caffeine writing here.

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