Lost in the nostalgia of books.

I have been tagged to post the names of ten books that have made a lasting impact on me. It used to be a list of five books. I can hardly remember the names of seven books. Luckily, I took a picture of my bookshelf before we moved to the apartment two years ago. I might be able to provide more details on author, language, dates, impact if you are interested. This list does not even include my favorite book, Vargas LLosa’s La Guerra del Fin del Mundo. The book is a masterwork, and I was sad when it ended.

I am also going to cheat on this list. If it can be five books or ten books why not twelve books. Is there something magical about making a list to match the number of fingers we have? I could group them into ten categories. Does this make it any easier to remember? Daughter tells me that studies show short term memory does not extend beyond seven items for most people.

  • Exploring Mathematics on your own
  • Diccionario de la Lengua Española
  • Gabriela Cravo e Canela
  • Temple of Dawn
  • Go and Gomoku
  • 3270 Information Display System Component Description (parts possibly written by Amy Tan).
  • Calles que dan al Mar
  • Cien años de soledad
  • The Yogi Cookbook
  • Hidden Words
  • Southeast Asia on a Shoestring
  • Songs for Peace
  • IMG_2626.JPG


The list ends here for now, and so does the chain. Feel free to comment and ponder impacts in your life. No need to repost or even write down. It doesn’t change the impact.

I discovered in researching this list that the video I took of my office and bookshelf back in the house is missing. I thought I had uploaded it, but I do not find it among the clouds. It might be on a harddisk I have left in a safety box. If not, it really was made just for my whimsy. Here is the photo now forever saved on WordPress


Author: c_in_b

The journey of a single step begins with ideas of a thousand miles.

One thought on “Lost in the nostalgia of books.”

  1. Not the usual list of books. Just as interesting, though. Amy Tan contributed to 3270…..thanks for the info bit. As always, your post provides a different twist and angle to it.

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