Impressions of Ljubljana in Autumn

We traveled from Trieste to Ljubljana by local bus. There were express busses but they did not fit our schedule. It was much more interesting stopping in a number of small towns, traveling down two lane highways, and seeing the passengers board and alight. There were grandmothers and tourists and high school students at various intervals.

This entry I am trying a new style with more photos and editing from the iPad. We found our apartment next to the art museum square.

An apartment gem hidden by a grim facade

There are the mandatory cats in the neighborhood. This black one on an orange car made us think of halloween.


I registered for the public bike service for € 1. Every day I get an hour to feel like I’m 14 again. I have zipped through the old section and over to the new city developing north of the railway station.

IMG_2768.PNG IMG_2770.JPG

The old town has a comfortable feel settled among old churches, the active market, restaurants, and boutiques, overlooked by the castle.

IMG_2756.JPG  IMG_2749IMG_2751

We hiked up the mountain to the castle. It is an interesting space for artistic exhibitions and for scenic views. By the funicular station the stone base is exposed. The actual view is nice for the misty mountains in the distance but somewhat unsatisfying. This contrasts with how excited we have been to be in Ljubljana, discovering our own little treasures.

IMG_2789.JPG   IMG_2783

Author: c_in_b

The journey of a single step begins with ideas of a thousand miles.

3 thoughts on “Impressions of Ljubljana in Autumn”

  1. Love the new format with the photos interspersed with your stories. Thank you!
    And how fun to have a neighborhood art museum!

  2. I feel so humble, thankful, ashamed , and proud….To know you, live in the USA, have more than I need, and to have a new understanding of our world and places I may never touch the soil, but now have a place in my mind to review over and over as I wish.

    1. J, thank you for the insightful comment. A question you posed on FB about a month ago started me thinking. Today’s posting on Feeling Safe is the result. I’ve discovered that not all journeys consist of kilometers traveled, mostly they are made up of new awareness and appreciations. All the best.

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