Safe in Podgorica with Real Transformers

After other Balkan countries, many travelers have felt a let down on visiting the capital of Montenegro. For me it has been just the opposite. The historical tension of Sarajevo evaporated into relaxed fun of a city that does not take itself too seriously. Perhaps, Podgorica (pronounced Pode, rhymes with rode – Go – Rizza, rhymes with Pizza) has some similarities to Trieste. More importantly, the citizens and visitors are protected by life size transformers. Here are the seven guardians:

Protector of our apartment.


Parks and Pedestrian areas under control




Sometimes tourists need to be shaken up a little bit.


Small or Gigantic, each has a purpose.



Author: c_in_b

The journey of a single step begins with ideas of a thousand miles.

3 thoughts on “Safe in Podgorica with Real Transformers”

    1. The reality of transformers is not all gleam and swiss watch technology. They would be a patchwork of modifications and stop gap repairs.

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