Transformers in Sofia

Art students of Sofia, Bulgaria have transformed the ugly green boxes (found in most cities) housing electrical transformers and telecommunications wiring. I love the word play on transformed transformers between Sofia and Podgorica transformers.








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4 Responses to Transformers in Sofia

  1. Alexandra says:

    I been meaning to shoot the “transformers” for a while and never got to that… I guess when I live here (Sofia) I kinda take them for granted 🙂 lovely post…!! 🙂 you been cruisin the Balkans? I can see you’ve been to most of the countries in the region…

    • c_in_b says:

      Thanks for the note. We have a pretty open schedule spending a week in each country as we work our way to Istanbul. We’ve decided with the colder autumn weather to head south now and save Romania for another time.

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