Grey daze / Greek days

Over the last ten days, we have been finding all the nooks and crannies of Thessaloniki Greece, mostly under grey clouds and misty cliffs.  The city markets are interesting.  It is the first time in the Balkans that I hear vendors shouting out their products.  Thessaloniki is a vocal city, friends shout across the street, drivers encourage each other in their own special ways, and there is almost a choral symphony reverberating in the markets.  Lunch at a restaurant hidden at the side of the market featured fresh fish and live music.

White Tower toward port

From atop the White Tower looking down the waterfront toward the port.

Port toward White Tower

From the port back toward the White Tower

Overlooking Bay

At the fortress walls overlooking the bay

Fortress / Prison Museum

Greeted by a cat at the Fortress/Prison Museum

Alexandropoulis on our last stop before Turkey continued the same weather. Still, the temperature reaches 14-15 deg C (57-59 deg F), not bad for December 5.  It becomes a time of reflection.  I realized today that we will celebrate St. Nicholas day here in Alex-city, the first time without Megan.  We have bought our bus tickets and completed hotel reservations for arrival in Istanbul, where we begin the next episode.

Fishing Port

Small fishing port

Port cat

One of many cats living well on food left by residents and fisherman.


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3 Responses to Grey daze / Greek days

  1. tim says:

    wow, wonderful views. Heather finally helped me track you. We hope you are well and having a blast.

  2. The Designated Liar says:

    Looking forward to your dispatches from Istanbul. Hoping that your investigations lead you to report discoveries of Constantinople in pentimenti or better yet, further back in time,, Byzantium in palimpsest. I challenge you to find and view the city’s oldest manuscripts in Greek, Latin and Arabic!

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