Street Art in Kadıköy (Article from Gazete Kadıköy)

This article provides some background on the wall art found in the “Windmill District” that I have been saving to my facebook photo album, Graffiti that begged.





İstanbul'da ne var?

Recently, I stumbled across an article in Gazete Kadıköy which had an interesting article on Street Art coming to Kadıköy, Istanbul. I decided to translate this article as well as go to view the street art in person. I was very impressed by the artists’ skills. They are certainly masters. However, their art work was a little enigmatic. I wished I could have had the artist with me to explain it. Let me recommend that you look and decide.

Here is the article.

The Walls of the Windmill Neighborhood will be Painted by Artists“*

The “Mural/Street Art Festival” is sponsored by the Municipality of Kadıköy and Çekül Vakfı (The Foundation for the Protection and Promotion of the Environment and Cultural Heritage) and carries a special place as the first time a building’s entire façade is to be painted in Turkey.

This kind of art is becoming more and more…

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