Delhi, New Delhi, South Delhi

We arrived at the New Delhi Airport which began our initiation to India. We waited in the wrong line for our visas on arrival as the arrow for directions was covered by a maintenance crew. Then, we were supposed to walk out of the airport to meet our host. Wife went out, but then could not get back in to alert me that she had met up with him. Luckily, a kindly guard alerted me to head out to where she waited.

We stayed in South Delhi, which required trishaw or Tuk-tuk to get anywhere. There was a lot to figure out: how to get subway stored value cards, sim cards and cell phone, how to negotiate taxis, which shop sells what, what security line do I enter.  We headed up to New Delhi with new subway cards and wandered around Connaught Place, where all business takes place it seems.  After a tiring walk, we checked out some street food.

Directions to everywhere.

Directions to everywhere.

Very popular stall with mosquito netting and incense to protect from insects.

Very popular stall with mosquito netting and incense to protect from insects.

We spent an cloudy, drizzly Sunday in Delhi where the Red Fort and important temples are. Very crowded with touts recommending tours and trinkets. Once inside the fort it was peaceful and relaxing.

Red Fort Column Detail

Red Fort Column Detail

Red Fort Gardens

Red Fort Gardens

That is sort of the motif of Delhi, lots of car honking, a sensory overload of colors and impressions, followed by an escape to really serene locations. We enjoyed the contrast and the juxtaposition in two locations: Lodi Garden in New Delhi and Kiran Nadar Museum of Art in South Delhi. Most museums do not allow photos, so I waited and took pictures of the public stainless steel sculpture.

500 year old Lodi Dynasty buildings

Gateway edifice from the Lodi Dynasty (predating the Mughal Dynasty)

Selfie taken at Kiran Nadar.

Photo bombed at Kiran Nadar



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