Mumbai on our own

We are in China now looking back on our four weeks in India. First, a disclaimer: I am posting this with minimal Internet access, meaning I don’t have much chance to see what the final pages look like. Picture sizes have been reduced to aid in uploading.  In the end it hardly matters. My thoughts are here and we are having fun. 

Here is the route we took around India:

  • Arrived at New Delhi airport from Abu Dhabi
  • Bus to Agra
  • Bus to Jaipur
  • Flight to Mumbai
  • Flight to Chennai
  • Flight back to New Delhi

After the hard bus ride from Agra to Jaipur, we had to decide the rest of our trip. We opted for special fares offered by JetAirways that allowed us to fly the rest of the way.

As it turned out, our hotel in the center of Mumbai was the best located.  We were just a few blocks from the Gateway to India monument. 


The ferry boats for Elephanta Island leave from that jetty. We made a day trip catching the first one in the morning and returning around 15:00.  We walked all over the island visiting all five caves and climbing up the cannon hill. 


Centerpiece of the Sculptures

All cats like a scratch behind the ears

We walked around our neighborhood and were rewarded with the  Jehangir Art Gallery and Samovar Café. These are by the Prince of Wales Museum. We had the chance to meet and talk with several young artists exhibiting their works. The Samovar is an icon from 60’s and 70’s art and political scene. Sadly, I hear the Samovar doors have closed since we were there.


Eating samosas at the samovar
Street cat with a collar

There are a lot of tours available but they did not match our interests. Instead we walked out of our hotel passing the taxis touting their tours. On a side street we found an old guy with his neat taxi. We gave him our destinations, haggled a bit for a price, and set off.  Here is a taste of what we found.


Taxi with barefoot driver

Dhobi Ghat, professional hand laundry
City Beach on the Arabian Sea
Sasson Docks and Fish Market

Many memories of neighborhoods of past centuries still maintaining a local flavor.







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One thought on “Mumbai on our own”

  1. I am always following your progress. Keep posting when you can. It is a very positive part of my life. Jim

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