Cherry Blossoms on the Wall

With the poor connectivity currently experienced during our China travels, I’m jumping ahead to last Thursday.  We are in Beijing since Monday, 13 April. Thursday morning we wandered our way through three subways over to the Northeast section of Beijing, found the busstop and climbed aboard the Beijing Hikers bus. We hike up a less known part of the Great Wall of China to the Geneal’s Tower.  This was an experience on many levels. First, we spent several hours and several kilometers experience the wall in the Spring with cherry, plum, and peach blossoming. Second, it was a bright, clear day allowing us to see the distant mountains, plains, and towers. Third, the wind was really strong with gusts over 50 km/hr making some of the narrow paths really exciting. Fourth, I know everyone in the photos I took. They are all my friends from the bus, no other tourists were at this part of the wall, quite unique in its way. 

Here are some that capture the sense of adventure that surrounded us. I plan to add some captions to these photos so check back if interested. They are pretty self explanatory: we went up and we came down with a better understanding.





Author: c_in_b

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