Winding down in Chennai

Jumping back to where I left off in India, we flew from Mumbai to Chennai on March18. Chennai, originally called Madras, is the capital of Tamil Nadu, the most southern state of India.

Traveling in India is tiring. There are many reasons for this. We found that there were so many decisions, so much information, so many sources, and so much difficulty in verifying whether the information is correct or just a figment of some salesman’s imagination.

We stayed a week in Chennai at different venues. The city spreads out without much order or localization. We found no cure for it in the different scenes we viewed from our rooms. Our time was interesting. In one guest house Wife struck up a conversation with the Indian Cook and general handyman. His English was very basic but they conversed in Malay. He had worked in Kuala Lumpur for 18 years. A very nice and very humble man.

We walked along the Indian Ocean on Marina Beach, viewed temples, churches, and an apostle’s tomb. We spent an afternoon at the International Headquarters of the Theosophical Institute among the Baobab trees.



When a tourist bus cancelled, we booked a personal car tour south down the coast to Mamallapuram where the most important temples and ruins are. At the last moment it turned out to be a pretty good deal. The driver was interesting and accommodating so we bypassed what did not interest us. 



The last days we followed the traffic around the city. The sun rising over the water still leaves an impression with me.





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One Response to Winding down in Chennai

  1. Very nice pictures and experiences you have witnessed.Good to see them.
    My take on Chennai life will unfold in several posts, the first one is here

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