Korea Focus

We have been in Korea for a month now.  In China and to an extent in Nepal and India, we had places we wanted to visit and experiences to enjoy. Korea does not have that.  Both Wife and I have visited before. Beyond that, Korea was chosen as a convenient final stop for our China visas. We feel so comfortable here, sometimes it does not feel like a foreign country at all.

We arrived for a week in Daegu in the south, a smaller city to negotiate after Beijing and Shanghai. Then, we took a train up to Seoul where we stay in the Hongdae neighborhood.  We did not know on reserving that this area is the young vibrant area.  Hongdae is named for the Hongik University that sits up the street.  It used to be the home of alternative music venues and cheap eats. As rents increase here, these establishments move down the subway line. There are still a few around where garage band music emanates late into the night.

There are three major universities within walking distance and a number of other colleges. Ewha Womens University is famous for its graduates and its architecture.

Reflected Self in sculpture at Hongik University

Ewha University Spring Flowers


Elevator Well at Ewha

On our daily outings, we happened upon festivals, hiked along reconstructed historical walls, and took a look over at North Korea.

Tradional Korea Theater Festival

Celebrating Birth of Buddha at a local temple

And in the streets with a parade

Hiking in DMZ section 7 along reconstructed fortress walls

Pointing out the border with North Korea

We found interesting spaces and had coffee with cats.



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