Seattle Summer

We are in Seattle for a few weeks. I’m sitting here at the Bauhaus Coffee and Books. I was going to say “back in Seattle,” as if this were home base. In a sense it is as we have been here before, and it is comfortable here. On the other hand, our return ticket says Seoul, Korea.

With so many activities available and things to see, this could be a travelogue. I feel more comfortable comparing this to a dull, short documentary film before the main feature. These are jottings from our life here. You, the dear reader, can create your great epic when you visit Seattle.

Here are some of the things we have done both touristy and insider.

Got library cards at the Foster Library in Tukwila. Learned that “Tukwila” derives from the Indian word for hazelnut. I feel I should eat Nutella everyday.

Stopped by the Iconic Seattle Library.

Walked the Des Moines marina during the opening of their Farmers Market for the season. Joined in the Georgetown Festival in South Seattle with some Rock, Punk, and European cabaret music. The power tool races were exciting. These are small racers using power tools, like drills or saws to provide speed. A couple of the vehicles were a cat carrier and a baby buggy filled with Barbie dolls.


Wandered around Pike Place Market, International District, and Sculpture Garden.


and had coffee in the Capitol Hill district. Rented a car for the weekend and stopped by the 3.14 (pi/pie) bakery.

Author: c_in_b

The journey of a single step begins with ideas of a thousand miles.

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