Netherlands without Amsterdam

We flew from Busan, South Korea to the Netherlands arriving at 06:00 AM in the dark at Schiphol Airport. In the airport station, we purchased tickets direct to Amersfoort. Five stops and 45 minutes later we were in Amersfoort station waiting for our host. The compact city allows for exploration on foot. we walked everywhere. With a day trip to Spakenburg, there was no need to consider Amsterdam. Wife and I have visited so many times it really holds little interest. When I worked in ‘s-Hertogenbosch for a year in the 1980’s, almost every other weekend found me exploring new haunts of Amsterdam. Here are some impressions of Amersfoort captured on a crisp autumn morning.

One of the dual canals reflects the autumn in Amersfoort
Art (not a giant abacas) outside of Piet Mondrian’s family home. In such a pastel world, is it any wonder he loved primary colors?
The Mondrian theme can pop up anywhere.
The sun rises late in Autumn
Toadstools along the city walls
Is it sculpture? Is it a bench? Why is Thursday’s pillow at the end?
Bicycles and bicycle racks play important roles. Street repairs along bicycle paths wreak chaos.
As a practical joke, a squire got the citizens of Amersfoort to drag this boulder into the city in the 1670’s.
Other countries (such as Canada) have been fooled to send boulders also.
What is the Netherlands without pannekoeken?
You know I like a good library. This was exceptional.
Our street.
Spakenburg port connects to the IJsselmeer for both traditional and modern ships.

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