Rome wasn’t walked in a day

But it was walked in two.

From Addis Ababa we flew to Rome for a two day stopover before heading to Eastern Europe.  The plan was to rest the first day, and explore the second.  Our flight left a little late at 00:50, the early morning of March 12.  By 7:00 in the morning, we were through customs and immigration at Rome Fiumicino, Leonardo da Vinci Airport.  We were able to check into the B&B Green Home and get a nice nap.  At noon, we woke up refreshed to take on Rome.  We took a suburban train from the Parco Leonardo stop just 10 minutes walk.  With one change we were walking to Vatican City and St. Peter’s square.  Then, we walked and walked and walked until we reached a train station that took us straight home.  We saw many of the sights that make Rome famous, but every little street was like a film set.  There were hard choices deciding which route to take as every little alley looked interesting. The photos posted here represent some of the “must sees” and a few obscure venues.


The next day we set out a plan to walk through different areas cutting our first day route in the middle.



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