Cyprus -There is hope

We packed up our bags in Cape Town. After a month of contemplating, here are some thoughts on our trip to Cyprus.

Cyprus is full of history and contradictions.  Here is the Wikipedia Entry and here is the New World Encyclopedia Entry.

I remember hearing the news reports of the Turkish invasion during the summer of 1974.  It was just another part of the world in turmoil.  Over the years, the divided island and divided city of Nicosia became just another bureaucratic nightmare.  In the last ten years, I have read accounts of the process to normalize the divisions.  There is hope as talks and discussions continue intensely.  With some trepidation, we planned two weeks there in December 2016.

On December 4, we flew from Istanbul Turkey to Ercan International which resides in the Northern Turkish side of Cyprus.  From the Airport a Taxi deposited us at the Turkish Border for the Agios Demetios checkpoint.  As we pulled our bags over to the Greek side, we were met in the middle by our host in her SUV.  After stopping to talk to the Greek authorities and show  passports, we were taking in the sights of the Greek side.  After a week, we pulled our bags down Ledras Street and walked through the checkpoints back to the Turkish side where we stayed four more days.

Even though it was a bit chilly some days, we enjoyed both the Greek and the Turkish sides of the island.  I feel that our sightseeing was historically interesting more than spectacularly photogenic.  Here are my mementos in no particular order in the spirit of reunification.

A note on nomenclature: I use Nicosia as the English name for the entire capital city of Cyprus.  Lefkosa refers to the Northern Turkish half of Nicosia, and Levkosa refers to the Southern Greek half of Nicosia.



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3 thoughts on “Cyprus -There is hope”

  1. one way road: there is only partition in the world, there is no unification in the world (i don’t like capital letters).
    Since 1990, 37 new countries became independent and recognized by the PARTITION of federations, confederations, centrally-structured states:

    SOVIET UNION (FEDERATION) = 1 Armenia 2 Azerbaijan 3 Belarus 4 Estonia 5 Georgia 6 Kazakhstan 7 Kyrgyzstan 8 Latvia 9 Lithuania 10 Moldova 11 Russia 12 Tajikistan 13 Turkmenistan 14 Ukraine 15 Uzbekistan

    YUGOSLAVIA (FEDERATION) = 16 Bosnia and Herzegovina 17 Croatia 18 Macedonia 19 Serbia and Montenegro 20 Slovenia

    21 Namibia (South Africa)
    22,23,24 Marshall Islands, Micronesia Caroline Islands, Palau (separated from USA (FEDERATION))

    CZECHOSLOVAKIA (FEDERATION) = 25 Czech Republic 26 Slovakia

    27 Eritrea (from Ethiopia)
    28 East Timor Timor-Leste (from Indonesia)

    SERBIA-MONTENEGRO (FEDERATION) = 29 Montenegro 30 Serbia

    31 Kosovo (from Serbia)
    32,33 Abhasia, South Ossetia (from Georgia)

    34 South Sudan (from Sudan)

    35 Crimea (from Ukraine)

    36,37 Donetsk PR, Luhansk PR (from Ukraine)

    AND PARTITION OF FEDERATIONS, CONFEDERATIONS, COUNTRIES WILL GO ON….38,39,40,… Transnistria , Palestine, West Sahara, Somaliland, Putland, Greenland, Quebec, Wallonia, Flanders, Catalonia, Basque, North Ireland, Padova,…

    1. Thank you for the detailed comment. I agree but I have hope: East and West Germany Unified. North and South Yemen unified. Economic and Political Alliances are expanding: West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA) using a common currency, Euro Zone also using a common currency. More Schengen countries allowing borderless travel. I think it is a pendulum as countries re-evaluate balance sovereignty with cooperation.

      1. Germany=East +West Germany. BUT, both east and west were GERMAN.
        In Cyprus, South=GREEK, North=TURK. No common thing btw. G and T.

        Unified Yemen? There are many independent regions in Yemen now. See Yemen war that is still continueing.

        European Union: UK will exit after 2 years. The others will follow.

        Northern Cyprus does NOT exclude cooperation between NC and Greek(South) Cyprus (as is currently done; borders are open since 2003) as TWO COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT SOVEREIGN COUNTRIES.

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