Perth, Western Australia, trying to catch up.

1st day of Chinese New Year feb 10, 2013 Pebblebrook Bloomington MN
2013 Chinese New Year Greetings from Minnesota

After Doha, Qatar and Busto Arsizio, Italy, we were back in Kuala Lumpur a couple of weeks before Chinese New Year.

Wherever Wife and I find ourselves at the time of the Lunar New Year, we try to celebrate locally and connect together over the Internet. The last time Wife, Daughter, and I celebrated together in the same physical location was 2013, in snowy Bloomington, Minnesota.


As Daughter was still in Perth, we booked three weeks from Feb 9 to March 2 on the West Side of Perth just across from Kings Park, near the Sticky Beaks cafe. It was just wonderful.  Daughter and friend from the Hostel hung out in our place and helped lug groceries back, occasionally cooking for us.  Wife and I set out on walking adventures up and down the Swan River using the free CAT buses. There is so much to see and do. We ventured down to Crawley, wandered through the University of Western Australia on orientation weekend, crisscrossed Kings Park discovering different venues, toured the state parliament, participated in driverless vehicle demo near St. James Mitchell Park in South Perth, exercised up and down Jacob’s Ladder, and followed the parks and green areas all the way up to East Perth.


2018-02-18 13.58.11

Friday, Feb 16 is the official first day of Chinese New Year.  The following Sunday in the North Bridge district of Perth, there was a huge Lunar New Year Festival with Lion Dances, Street Stalls and Performances, and mobs of people.  We joined in.

Travel Details:

We flew AirAsia Kuala Lumpur to Perth.  Their schedule has changed from our trip in September.  Instead of leaving in the morning and arriving in Perth in the afternoon, we flew at midnight, arriving around 7 am.

Our AirBnB was located near the corner of Outram and Ord. The ground floor apartment turned out to be quiet and surprisingly private.  This picture captures some of the magic.

2018-02-16 18.58.42

Now in May, we have visited a few more magical places ready for more misplaced maps.


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