Baku Photos

I’m experimenting with posting more photos, trying to show unique perspectives of our travels.  So look out for a post a day until I catch up with my camera roll.

2018-08-11 21.56.27
Evening walk by the open air archeological museum near our place in the old city. It was late as I was delayed at immigration getting my visa in order. Wife got our bag and independently got herself to the apartment.
2018-08-13 11.34.28
Heydar Aliyev Exhibition Center, named after current president’s father. This is the least spectacular view.
2018-08-14 11.01.17
One of many nicely renovated buildings
2018-08-16 20.29.20
Famous Flame towers lit with LED flames.
2018-08-15 16.43.07
One of the many Baku cats


What’s your favorite Zoroastrian reference:

  1. Freddy Mercury
  2. Amahl and the Night Visitors
  3. Ateshgah of Baku – Fire Temple
  4. 2001: A Space Odyssey

Answers in my next post.

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The journey of a single step begins with ideas of a thousand miles.

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