Cairo: Coffee with Cardamon

After Amman, Jordan we continued on to Egypt to see the pyramids.  Booking a hotel for three days in Giza with a view of the pyramids included free airport pickup.   Giza city on the eastern side of the Pyramid Necropolis does not feel like a big city.  With horses and camels in the dusty streets, it felt like we were exploring a little village.  The pyramids are magnificent.  What I enjoyed most about our day exploring them was meeting some school boys aged about ten or eleven.  They climbed 30 or 40 meters on the great pyramid and took photos of each other.  They were headed higher when some official yelled and they decided to come down.

After Giza, we booked a place in the center of Cairo.  It was an easy walk to the Nile and the Egyptian Museum.  September is still hot in Cairo so we spent the whole day in the museum.

I love Egyptian coffee.  It is brewed like Turkish coffee but they roast it with cardamon.  Almost every other block near our Cairo hotel had a coffee roaster. In the evenings, we could find them by the coffee cardamon smell in the air. Unfortunately, the Internet has not evolved yet to allow me to post the aroma.

Answer from previous post:

I don’t know yet.  T E Lawrence aka Lawrence of Arabia certainly captures the imagination of the 14 year old school boy inside me.  As a traveler, it’s Gertrude Bell who inspires.  Maybe, I will have an idea after reading Lawrence’s Seven Pillars of Wisdom and Wallach’s Desert Queen.

Some Egyptian Trivia:

  1. Why was a rope of thirteen knots useful in constructing the corners of the pyramids?
  2. Where was the Rosetta Stone stored by the Ottoman engineers building the Fort of Qaitbey?
  3. We did not eat at the El Hawary Restaurant, but it is an interesting neighborhood.



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