Kuala Lumpur Recovery

During our short stay in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I captured a few new views. The first two are views from Genting Highlands, a casino, hotel, and entertainment complex North of Kuala Lumpur.




One of the places we stayed was connected to public transport so well that several days I never touched street level.  Walking was safer with no broken sidewalk obstacles, no need to carry Umbrella during rainy season, there was a seat on the LRT for me.

Answers from previous post:

  1. Playwright: George Bernard Shaw
  2. Activist: Gandhi
  3. Saxophone: John Coltrane
  4. Beatle: George Harrison
  5. Detested Fascist: Hitler

Others can be found on Wikipedia: List of Vegetarians

A Visual Question: What is odd about this road in the Brickfields / Little India district of Kuala Lumpur?

2018-11-04 11.35.23


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