Singapore Lights

After Kuala Lumpur, we spent 24 hours in Singapore. The contrasts with my first visit in 1981 (Gosh, almost 40 years ago) are stunning.  We stayed in the Geylang district which prides itself in retaining and refurbishing many of the old style shophouses.  The Nanyang Old Coffee captures some of the nostalgia (Nanyang meaning South Sea is the Chinese name for Singapore). The grungy apartments converted into hostels of Bencoolen street are long gone along with the night markets selling bootleg cassettes of “Donny and Marie’s Greatest Hits.”

Here are some photos of the lights on our walk.

Answers from previous post:

The cars are driving on the right side on this road.  Malaysia follows UK standard of driving on the left side. At this location, the connection between one way streets and the  building construction resulted in the reversed lanes.

Singapore memories:

On my first journey around the world, Singapore was my third stop on the continent of Asia after Korea and Hong Kong.  All other stops were on islands: Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Borneo.

The stories by Catherine Lim in her book, O Singapore! (1989) provided an introduction and an understanding to Singapore.

The Singapore Dollar used to be on par with the Malaysian Ringgit (1 SGD = 3.031 MYR), now it is on par with the Australian Dollar (1 SGD – 1.003 AUD).

In the last 50 years, Singapore’s area has increased by almost 25% due to land reclamation.

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