Out of Pages in Peru

Nope, not lost in Lima.  Instead we will spend over a month in Peru.  Our plans require several visas which require passports to have 1 or 2 blank pages per visa.  With some stamp happy immigration officials in the last few years, I only have one page left.  We arrived on a Wednesday and I submitted my application on a Friday.  With the Good Friday holiday, it takes four weeks to get a new passport.  Our first week was orienting in Lima and Peru.  Later, I will post about our two week exploration of other sides of Peru.

For now, here are our first impressions of Lima.

Answer to previous trivia question:

Why does the Boca Juniors Stadium look like an IKEA Store?

Stadium and Supporters

From Wikipedia: “Legend has it that in 1906, Boca played Nottingham de Almagro. Both teams wore so similar shirts that the match was played to decide which team would get to keep it. Boca lost, and decided to adopt the colors of the flag of the first boat to sail into the port at La Boca. This proved to be a Swedish ship.”

After that Boca sported the Blue and Yellow of the Swedish Flag just like IKEA.

There are other legends but all end in Boca Juniors having to change their colors to the Blue and Yellow of the Swedish flag.



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