One, two, three: La Paz, Bolivia

Traveling a week in high altitude exhausted me.  At the end of our bus trip, we spent five days in La Paz, Bolivia.  Apartments have little heat so the inside temperature never surpassed the outside highs of 16 deg centigrade (60-61 deg F).  Even so, we enjoyed our time finding some unique attractions.  Here are three:

Cable Car network took us all around the city.

2019-05-18 12.38
Bird’s Eye view of El Alto Market

Clean streets

2019-05-18 13.12
Public Toilets are easily spotted.  Although this one might not be wheelchair friendly

Zebras in the Zebra crossings

A few things to note:

  • La Paz and the suburb El Alto have altitudes of around 4000 meters (12000 feet).  La Paz airport has the highest commercial runway in the world.
  • Even after a week of acclimatization, I was still huffing and puffing as we walked up and down the streets and stairs.
  • In the autumn and winter (April – September), La Paz is dry with low humidity.  We saw few clouds and felt the strong rays of the sun. I should have used more sunblock.
  • No matter how you arrive or encounter La Paz, it will be an amazing experience.
  • It seems everywhere we turned, there was an interesting view.  Here is one looking down a street in our neighborhood.

2019-05-20 15.54


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