Downhill to Cochabamba Bolivia

Putting our bus days on hold, we flew from La Paz to Cochabamba.  We were there for May 27 when Bolivia celebrates Mother’s Day.  This honors the heroines of Cochabamba who died on this date in 1812 in a battle of colonial liberation. We climbed the hill south of the city which has a monument to these brave women, who fought the Spanish alone. The banner photo was taken from the hill looking north.

Here are two individual commemorations

Manuela Gandarillas – A nearly blind grandmother who raised the call to arms.

Juana Azurduy de Padilla. A commander of the Bolivian Liberation. For her service, Simon Bolivar is quoted as saying the country of Bolivia should really be named Azurduyia.

Pasaje San Rafael with mosaics paying homage to a wide range Latin American women.

View along the main square with its neatly maintained facades.

We enjoyed visiting the market and the plazas, along with general exploring of local streets. The leisurely pace, the warmer weather, and moderate environment contrast with our experiences in La Paz.


Author: c_in_b

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