Transiting in Trinidad

After the South America, our destination was the Dominican Republic.  Getting there from any of the Guyanas is complicated.  Most routes run through Miami, Newark, or Fort Lauderdale.  In the end, we decided on a stopover in Port of Spain, the main city of the island country of Trinidad and Tobago.  After the difficult traveling of the previous weeks in the Guyanas, Trinidad was a major contrast.  There is clear information, lots of advice on the internet, and things could be done efficiently.  There is a ferry over to Tobago that looks interesting and highlands to view.  We did not have time to organize these but set it aside for another adventure.

Even in the hot weather, we ventured out walking. We visited the Queens Park for the renovated houses, walked along traditional streets full of activity, tried local food much of it influenced from the India influence.

Here are a few views.



The one thing we really liked was the street food called “doubles.” These are vegetarian based India style wraps consisting of two round flatbreads filled fresh with garbanzos and lentil stew, spices, and sauce. They are made up fresh in the street and you always have to wait in line. They are messy to eat but that makes it a social event.

Unfortunately, V.S. Naipaul’s house administration is in litigation so we could just imagine from the sidewalk.


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