A zig and a zag to the Dominican Republic

The first time I remember looking up the Dominican Republic was when my friend from Duluth, Minnesota traveled from Uruguay to Santo Domingo. Later, I discovered a high school friend went there in the Peace Corps and stayed on.

Having bounced around the Caribbean in several other trips, this time we had to find a way to get to Santo Domingo.  In the end, we flew with a special upgrade on Copa Airlines from Port of Spain via Panama City, Panama. It was a long day but the connections went smoothly.

Here is a variety of photos I snapped mostly around the Zona Colonial (old city).


Hot, Caliente, Fiery, Combustible, Fuego, Sweltering, Infierno, Hellish, Thunderstorm

On the other hand, it was great to meet up with my high school classmate and share impressions of the the world and of Windom, Minnesota. Thanks, Mike. And thanks to our wives who had to put up with the old guys reminiscing into the night.

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The journey of a single step begins with ideas of a thousand miles.
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