Ducking a Hurricane in Manila

We booked the first week of December for adventure in Manila. For me at my age this means the excitement of discovering how to get around on public transport, where do the alleys in the old city lead, what can I still eat.

Manila provided an additional experience of watching a hurricane on weather maps of the islands. Hurricane Kammuri (locally called Tisoy), a category three with winds of 150 kph (95 mph) had Manila in its sights. Luckily for us and the rest of Manila, landfall was out in the east in the province of Sorsogon. We just stayed in on a rainy windy day.

Both Wife and I had been here before and remembered nothing. We spent a day wandering through Intramuros, the historical part. Another day we wandered around Binondo, the oldest Chinatown, looking at the old buildings and finding vegetarian restaurants. We took a day to wander through the Greenbelt complex with the flashy shopping centers. A real treat was meeting up with our friend, Cristina, for a lovely afternoon in Quezon City. She had extended her stay visiting her father so our trips overlapped. Our friendship goes back to Frankfurt Germany in 1999 when our children played in Grüneburgpark.

Here are some cityscapes that I captured.

Author: c_in_b

The journey of a single step begins with ideas of a thousand miles.

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