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Journeys of a Young Traveler

Over the past month, I have enjoyed scrolling through photos of our journeys. This brings me back to the original idea of Misplaced Map Case, comprehending the memories of travel. One thought comes to mind is our conscious decision to … Continue reading

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Santiago, Chile – New Memories

Two main reasons for me to write this blog are first to record thoughts on travel and second to understand the context of the experiences I’ve had. The recording has been pretty satisfying.  The understanding of my experiences is still … Continue reading

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Check out the temple near city of Amarbayasgalant, Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar is modern with the character of a Western city. It is a world apart from the rest of the country. Having said that there is not a great deal to see or do. But no one comes to Mongolia … Continue reading

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Artifacts 2: Rain Jacket

I thought about sharing some of the lessons learned from our travels. One direction on this path involves what we carry. This is a theme I have touched on before.  It is interesting to me to experience how the artifacts … Continue reading

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RTW01 1980-81

In 1980, my company, NCR Comten, sent me to NCR Japan for software support of the first installations of our Networking Communications Processor.  Recently, a reply to my comment in Cook the Beans blog reminded me of that trip and … Continue reading

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Looking up at Szent István Bazilika

Szent István Bazilika (St. Stephen’s Basilica, Budapest) We climbed the stairs to the top of St. Stephen’s Basilica on the Pest side of Budapest. After we came down, I took two photographs with my iPad from the very bottom. On … Continue reading

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Wikipedia trivia question of the day

What do John Belushi and Mother Teresa have in common? Wikipedia Trivia Both had Albania parents, but neither was born in Albania. Have a day filled with wonder.

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Impressions of Ljubljana in Autumn

We traveled from Trieste to Ljubljana by local bus. There were express busses but they did not fit our schedule. It was much more interesting stopping in a number of small towns, traveling down two lane highways, and seeing the … Continue reading

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c_in_b (version 2)

I’m c_in_b (chained in the basement) no more.  My display name now refers to the preferred morning drink in Triestino, c(apo) in b.  I have referred to this in other posts not realizing the perfect solution to my display name … Continue reading

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Lost in the nostalgia of books.

I have been tagged to post the names of ten books that have made a lasting impact on me. It used to be a list of five books. I can hardly remember the names of seven books. Luckily, I took … Continue reading

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Two Weeks in Trieste

It is now just over two weeks since we arrived in the Stazione Centrale on the first warm day of the season.  It appears the real summer weather began on our arrival.  The last few days saw thunderstorms and the … Continue reading

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Caffè Mio en Trieste

I am also testing out how to link back to facebook. Caffe Mio Somehow, my text about how this post was originally uploaded in draft a week ago was lost. Making these amendments during my morning walk in Trieste. The … Continue reading

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Day One

Monday, 28 July 2014. I should probably be writing about great ideas and plans for the future as I embark on 65 years plus, retirement, and beginning medicare. I am waiting here at a hotel preparing to go the airport … Continue reading

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Cool Hot Sauce

Here is a very simple hot sauce. Two Chili’s (one Ghost, one Bhut Jolokia ), One Tomato, One Clove Garlic. It has a strange psychological effect. The food does not taste so spicy to my tongue. Sure, it’s hot, but … Continue reading

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Reality Check?

This weekend was one of those artistic moments where everything seems to synchronize together.  I have been reading The wind-up bird chronicle by Haruki Murakami.  Friday night, we attended the play, These Shining Lives at Normandale College.  Today, we watched the Video … Continue reading

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Busy August-September

After “I fixed it myself – 2”, I continued to play with my mini-networking laboratory and did not write much on weblogs.  Along with that there has been a lot going on.  My thyroid has finally found its stride.  On … Continue reading

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Global Home / Network Home

Here is a post by email used for my WordPress account. Will this allow me to save my ideas better whenever I have them? Maybe a quick snippet to be reviewed later, or a copy of an idea as I … Continue reading

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roots and origins

After spending many hours, the good wife brainstorming with me, misplaced map comes closest and states concisely what I want from this blog.  Spanish has a verb, extraviar, that captures the meaning of “misplaced in transit or travel.”  That is … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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