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RTW01 1980-81

In 1980, my company, NCR Comten, sent me to NCR Japan for software support of the first installations of our Networking Communications Processor.  Recently, a reply to my comment in Cook the Beans blog reminded me of that trip and … Continue reading

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Glimpses of Central America

Here’s a map (thanks to Google) that shows our two month journey pretty accurately through Central America.  The Blue line follows the buses overland traveling up from Panama to Belize, the orange line is the flight back from Belize to … Continue reading

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Panama: Three Things

We spent almost a week in Panama, flying from Barcelona via Frankfurt on Lufthansa. We did three really touristy things that every traveler should see.  Rather than do it all in a day on a tour bus, we went by … Continue reading

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Between Abu Dhabi and the Pakistan Frontier

Here are the results of my experimenting with iPad photos from inside an airplane.  I chose our seats in the rear and on the left side away from the sun on our flight from Abu Dhabi to New Delhi. Once … Continue reading

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The things we carried

The author Tim O’Brien grew up in Worthington, MN thirty miles from my home town. Three years older than I, our paths never crossed.  I read his original short story, “The Things They Carried,” in the summer fiction issue of Esquire Magazine. … Continue reading

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Grateful for the Technology

Sometimes there are advancements in technology that filter down to the consumer that simply astonish me. Here are a few that make me stand in awe. Google Translate We are in Batumi, Georgia and the clothes washer is in Russian. … Continue reading

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Digital Books / Digital Museums

I have just completed the book, The Museum of Innocence, by the Turkish author and Nobel Prize winner, Orhan Pamuk. This book arrived electronically from the Hennepin County Library. My interest in the narrator is in the descriptions of people … Continue reading

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Safe in Podgorica with Real Transformers

After other Balkan countries, many travelers have felt a let down on visiting the capital of Montenegro. For me it has been just the opposite. The historical tension of Sarajevo evaporated into relaxed fun of a city that does not … Continue reading

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Solar System in Zagreb

The Grounded Sun sculpture by Ivan Kožarić was completed in 1971.  It came to its final location in 1994.  In 2004 Davor Preis complemented it by adding the planets according to scale all around the city. We went on an … Continue reading

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Switzerland, Italy and European Travel

Here is a memory dump of some of the tips and tricks on European travel. These come mainly from my current trip so they are centered around Switzerland and Italy. First of all the Internet is the go to place … Continue reading

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Missing Photo from Previous Post

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Wireless / Rootless in Trieste

I use an iPad for my meanderings around the city. Four weeks ago I went to a mobile shop and obtained a pay as you go mini sim using the WIND service. TIM is the other service. It is operated … Continue reading

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Day trip to Koper, Slovenia

This excursion reminded me of changes. The last time I was in Slovenia it was part of Yugoslavia, a million dinar were worth about five dollars. We purchased our tickets for the Trieste – Koper bus yesterday. This morning we … Continue reading

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Two Weeks in Trieste

It is now just over two weeks since we arrived in the Stazione Centrale on the first warm day of the season.  It appears the real summer weather began on our arrival.  The last few days saw thunderstorms and the … Continue reading

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C_in_B (origins)

My brother used the handle “M_of_U” (Master of Universe).  In contrast to what I was feeling as I worked on my Masters degree (2004-2008), I chose C_in_B (Chained in Basement).  My avatar for much of my network presence comes from … Continue reading

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Home away from home

More from the wonderful Frankfurt Airport.

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Linux and Citrix Windows Escape Shortcut

This documents the Ctrl-F2 key Super(Window)-S key to break out of a Windows machine under Citrix and access other Linux Workspaces. I access a Windows7 virtual PC through Citrix running on my Ubuntu12.04 Linux Desktop.  The Host configuration causes Windows7 … Continue reading

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A Linux / Citrix / Win7 afternoon hung up with Ctrl-Alt-Del

A dog day afternoon, hot and humid and computer maintenance.  I connected in to my office using Citrix virtual PC under Linux.  I stepped away for awhile and the security setup locked the Windows 7 welcome screen.  I tried all … Continue reading

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Wifi in her pocket

One exciting aspect of this trip is trying out new technology options. M has wifi in her pocket from TEP Wireless with a wireless hub that allows up to 5 wifi connections. With a couple of discounts and renting for … Continue reading

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Senior Fingerpainting

After creating an account on deviant art, I played with the Ipad InkArtist App to create a first work to upload. Experimenting to see how this all connects together. Hiding in Fingerpainting by ~Rruenitz on deviantART

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