Recorrido de Argentina (no translation)

I’m getting way behind in posting.  This post documents our two week adventure around Argentina.  On March 4, we took a bus from Santiago Chile to Mendoza, Argentina crossing over the Andes mountains passing Mount Aconcagua.

From Mendoza we flew to Buenos Aires and stayed in the center for a few days. We enjoyed the different architecture on our walks.  I made the pilgrimage to the Boca Juniors Stadium.


We flew to Ushuaia, the city furthest south, or should I say, closest to the South Pole.  This took us beyond the straits of Magellan to Tierra del Fuego. For the beginning of Autumn, March 21, the weather favored us with amazing views everywhere we walked.

We returned to Buenos Aires for a stay near Recoleta.

Then, back to Santiago for a day before flying on to Lima.

Today’s trivia: Why does the Boca Juniors Stadium look like an Ikea Store?