FYROM (Purple Rain in Macedonia)

Back in April when we looked at the Google map of the Balkans, I found Skopje as the capital of FYROM. Later, I discovered this was an abbreviation for Former Yugoslavian Republic Of Macedonia. This unwieldy name stems from Greece’s insistence that Macedonia only refers to Greek territory. I only wish that sometime around fifteen years ago, The Artist Formerly Known As Prince would have performed in Ohrid, Struga, and Skopje in the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia. It would have been headlined as: AFKAP in FYROM.

Here are some images along the way.

Google Map of Macedonia
Google Map of Macedonia

Through the mountains from Tirana and Elbason, Albania to Struga, FYROM

Lake Ohrid

View of Lake Ohrid from our stopover in Struga.

Struga Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum in Struga looks just like it did in 1956, even the displays are the same. From the guest book, we were the first visitors in a week.

Impressions from the capital of Macedonia, Skopje

Happy street musicians in Skopje
From the castle walls towards modern Skopje
Skopje – a city crazy with statues and monuments
The old market from the Ottoman Empire Days
Turkish Bath House Converted to National Gallery Venue